Automate Screenshots for App Store Using Fastlane

Save yourself from spending hours on screenshots for the App Store. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you automate the process of taking screenshots for all supported screen sizes and languages.


Learn RxSwift From This Production App

QCards is an app built with RxSwift for creating smarter cue cards. Take a look through the source code as it’s ultimately the fastest way to learn new things from a practical perspective.


How Do I Work?

Over the past few years, I’ve been exposed to various ideas and processes that have affected my way of working in software development teams. From my experiences, here’s what has helped me work as efficiently as possible as a software developer.


How to Make Animated 3D Mockups in Seconds

As an individual app developer, you need to bring attention to your published apps. Companies of top-selling apps agree on how this is executed successfully. They create stunning and professional-looking animated 3D mockups of the apps. I’m here to tell you how you can create these for yourself in a matter of seconds.


Start Your RxSwift Journey in Less Than 10 Minutes

RxSwift is well known for having a steep learning curve. But taking the time to learn it can easily be the next significant leap in your development abilities. We’ll cover the basic concepts of the library to quickly get you up to speed.


7 Useful Filtering Operators in RxSwift

After using RxSwift for several months now, I can safely say that filtering is a key feature that has saved me plenty of lines of code. To know which filtering operators to use when, requires a basic overview, so let’s look at 7 of my favorite filtering operators this library has to offer.


All You Need to Know About the iOS App Lifecycle (Part 2)

As an iOS developer, the iOS app lifecycle is an area you can’t skip out on. Knowing how to hook into the individual state changes is just as important. Therefore, let’s get familiar with implementing lifecycle hooks in your apps.


All You Need to Know About the iOS App Lifecycle (Part 1)

Knowing about the states that iOS apps go through as they run is key to building solid apps. You’ll find that it’s an often asked interview question, so now is a good time to listen up. We’ll look at the essentials of the iOS app lifecycle, so you can prepare apps for any state changes.


A Practical Guide For Handling Optionals

So there you are. New to Swift and trying to wrap your head around the so-called optionals. Speaking of “wrapping”, let’s take a closer look at this wrapper-type and unwrap this feature of the programming language.


3 Online Courses to Kick-Start Your iOS Developer Career

Congratulations! You have decided to become an iOS developer and perhaps make a career out of it. So now it’s time to get started learning the application framework. So here are my recommendations of online video courses to go through to get your feet off the ground.