Notice: Enrollment is open only until January 31 at 11.59 pm UTC or until all seats are taken.


“If you’re an iOS developer looking to take your career to the next level, you owe it to yourself to enroll in iOS Architect Accelerator.”

Accelerate your technical skills by becoming an in-demand iOS architect in this 6-week interactive online program, collaborative community and weekly Q&A calls.

Andreas LüdemannInstructor

Hi, I’m Andreas Lüdemann, iOS architect and instructor to hundreds of iOS developers worldwide.

content and community made it a no-brainer
At first, I was not sure if I should rather spend the money going to a conference or paying 2x-3x to go to an in-person iOS course. Then, I investigated the alternatives for advanced iOS training and found that all the content and community this course offered to a price superior to the other alternatives made this a no-brainer. Also, having this as an on-demand online course fit my work schedule better, as I didn’t have to stop working while I took this course. It complemented my daily work instead with daily unique insights and “aha” moments from Andreas and the community from the Slack workspace.

Signing up turned out to be great as I learned topics that were not easily accessible online that both gave me unique insights into advanced iOS development and a great interactive course experience, I couldn’t get anywhere else.”

Kristian Bertram-LarsenSoftware Developer

“This course was nothing like anything else you could find online. Andreas’s style of teaching was all about learning practical knowledge from his real life experience and getting applicable steps to implement this in my own setup today.”

Mikkel Bayard Rasmussen, Software Developer

Life-changing insights
This course gives iOS developers insight in how to advance your career at worst, and change your life at best. The parts on creating the 12-month technology roadmap has really committed me and the team to implement our most important improvements. We are planning to use the input from this course to redesign the CI/CD pipeline as this is one of the most crucial parts of the development process and usually hard to get right.”

Victor Busk, Software Developer


The iOS Architect Accelerator online program is currently closed for enrollment. But the next cohort will soon be kicked off! Be sure to join by reserving a seat.


After completing the 6-weeks training and have done the action items, most should see at least a 2x increase in throughput depending on your current level as well as having a complete toolbelt for operating like a highly competent iOS architect. Where you want to take your career is completely up to you but I will help you use the results through the course to market yourself as an authority in this space.

Typically one hour per workday will get you through in 6 weeks and will give you a fair amount of time to incorporate the content in your current project. That being said, you will be given the option to extend after the initial 3-months access.

The techniques in the course have been tested on a lot of different industries. Some of these industries might have some cultural differences, which I will show you how to deal with, but they are all capable of seeing a huge increase in efficiency with iOS development after having taken this training.

Yes. Most participants get their company to pay for this.

The training works this way:

  1. You will watch lessons in the course portal
  2. You will do action items for each lesson to work with the new knowledge
  3. You will get feedback from the community and me through the Slack workspace and weekly Q&A calls

This is different from other iOS training because this will not only give you a complete toolbelt of techniques and best practices with advanced iOS development but also help you internalizing this knowledge for your specific situation rather than generic training. This course is interactive and you will grow together with a strong community of the industries leading experts. Also, this will help you utilize the technical skills learned in the course to step up in your career fast.